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-=- Emulator NISSAN CLARION PP-3xxx -=-

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The emulator of an immobilizer for radio NISSAN company CLARION PP-3xxx


This emulator will allow you to turn the radio on a table or in any car (means not only NISSAN).


How to work?


1 - If the unit is writing on the display "NEW ... 48s" and the countdown time, then simply connect the emulator.


2 - When the inscription "WAIT" on the unit's display and after about 40 seconds, "SECURE", read the dump 24S64 with radio, assistant programmer, can be directly Internally.


3 - Download the utility https://yadi.sk/d/zdyMBwjdhcKZS and open.

4 - "Open Bin File" and open the dump read from the radio (be sure that the "CS - OK!", Otherwise consider to dump the radio again).


5 - Next, click "NEW and Save" and save the new dump


6 - Write the new dump back into the tape recorder.


7 - Connecting the emulator under the "ACC", "GND", "Immo-line".


8 - Enjoy!

Instructions for work to PDF, can be downloaded here -



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